Jan 21, 2014

The Winter Blues

Don't you hate the winter blues? They ALWAYS come around and I DREAD them. Although the winter blues I'm referring to isn't what you think . . . . 

I LOVE winter. Don't get me wrong, I like summer and fall and spring too. But I don't mind the cold - I actually prefer it.

I keep my house at 60 degrees in the winter. And at 65 degrees in the summer. If you are coming over to visit you better bring a sweatshirt (unless you are my mom, because I will do anything for her). 

Growing up my parents always kept it colder in the house in the winter and I remember complaining all the time how cold it was. We were always told to just put a sweatshirt on. Now when I go visit my parents I think their house is hot. 

It started off that I didn't want to pay a high heating bill, but I quickly just go used to the cold. And let's face it - any overweight person HATES being hot, so in the summer I crank that AC. 

My sister and I out on the trails. Don't I look great in that hat?!

So, back on topic - I have the winter blues because we DON'T have any snow. I don't mind the cold, but if it's going to be cold I want a LOT of snow. 

I love everything about it - I get really excited when it starts to fall, I don't mind shoveling (free exercise), I love running around in the back yard all bundled up with Cooper going nuts, and I love coming into the house with a fire and some hot chocolate. I love wearing my snow boots to work and being all nice a cozy bundled up. 

Family pic at Boon Town - Me, My Dad, My Sister and My Grandpa

So while we have these polar vortex temperatures, we actually have less than a half inch of snow on the ground. And that just makes me depressed. It's obviously too cold to do anything outside, so why not have it pretty out? And central Ohio hasn't gotten much snow at all this year (well we did get one storm, but I wasn't in town, and then it all melted 3 days later so that doesn't even count). 

So there you have it. My personal winter blues. I will have my fair share of snow during our annual Family Weekend snowmobile trip, but that isn't for another 3 weeks. If I have to bundle up for the cold, why can't I play in the snow?! 

How do you feel about this cold? Do you get the honest to goodness winter blues? I usually get those too, but not until it's 20 degrees in April. By then I'm over it. 


  1. I like having four seasons. I don't mind the cold when it's 30 degrees or higher...the negative temps and wind chills I can do without.

    I also don't mind snow as long as I'm home and not nearly caught at work like I was today by this midday snow storm!

  2. Come to NJ!! We have plenty of snow to share today. I don't mind the cold so much, but the snow is a pain. Especially commuting in it. I get bummed out by the days being so short. Once I get home from work and it's already dark out, it's very hard to get me to leave my house again.

  3. same here! I don't love the cold really but we also have barely any snow too (in western Pennsylvania). and i'm always cold but trying to keep it cooler in the house so our heating bill isn't too insane. I've been trying to just put on a sweatshirt ha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak