Jan 31, 2014

5 on Friday

I've got some good posts coming up, but honestly work is frying my brain and stealing my time, so I'm doing a quick 5 on Friday (and I think I'll actually remember to link up this time).

I decided I was going to be productive last night and folded 3 weeks worth of laundry (no, I haven't put it away yet). Then I thought, why not do another load tonight so I can have all of my clothes clean and putaway at once. On my way back from lunch this afternoon I realized I left the clothes in the washer and didn't put them in the dryer. Going to be re-washing them tonight. I have never ever done this. 

I want to prep food for the week like JENN on Sunday. I say want to, because I hate eating the same thing over and over. And more than that I have a fear of getting sick from food that's gone bad sitting in the fridge for over 2 days. I know this is completely irrational, but I always dwell on it so much I practically make myself sick when I eat something older. On the other hand, I know I'm not going to want to cook every night of the week, and I'm sick of feeling yucky from what I eat. I'm going to find a compromise this weekend. 

Stealing this one from AMBER - three is my number. Has been since I was in second grade and won a contest by picking a number between one and fifty. My boyfriend in high school was #3 on the hockey team. I was #3 in water polo in high school and college. 

My family vacation snowmobile trip is two weeks from today, and I haven't made a single list. I have made a file folder and done some print outs. But me and my list making obsession are slightly disappointed in myself. Goal this weekend is to actually put the computer on the desk and knock some stuff out (like this list).

This cat kills me every night when he does this. Apparently the wrist band of the wii remote is too much for him. He rolls on his back and I swear it's the highlight of his day to play with it!

Come link up for some 5 on Friday!!


  1. I food prep and cook for the week every Sunday. I don't function well if I don't.

  2. I am the same way when it comes to "old" food. I despise leftovers. If they sit in the fridge for more than one day, I will not eat them. I will however, eat pizza 2 days old...but that's it. I waste so much because of that, but I'm the same way you are...if I eat it and it's "old"...I will MAKE myself sick while worrying about it! That is not the case with veggies and fruit though...only prepared meals.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Haha your cat and the wii remote is hilarious. Love it. For a long time I prepared ALL our meals on Sunday, but it literally would take me all Sunday and I'd end up missing my whole day off. Now I just plan all my meals ahead so I can make them quickly after work.


  4. Ooooh I hate laundry! But I commend you for getting it done. Putting it away is the worst part.

  5. omg, the laundry. why can't it magically put itself away?! i don't mind doing it or even folding it - it's the putting away that i loathe!!

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