Jan 14, 2014

Cooper is 13!!

How do you like the new blog design? Pretty fancy huh? Well, probably not to most of you, but it's amazing to me! Thanks to Chris for sprucing it up for me. I finally feel like a real blogger. Maybe soon I will post on the regular :]

Yesterday was Cooper's 13th Birthday. My childhood dog growing up was a Cocker Spaniel, and we woke up one morning about a month after his 10th birthday to find him dead. So honestly I didn't expect Cooper to make it this long. Let's just say I've been on pins and needles since Cooper turned 10. According to the vet, he should live to be 15ish. So here's to two more years!!

I leave you with pictures of the evening. I was going to find some puppy pictures and add those, but since it was raining I was too lazy to go out to my studio. Maybe I'll write a full post on Cooper next week - complete with adorable pictures. Don't mind my "comfy clothes" and general lack of concern for how I look. It was a rainy Monday and I was OVER it. 

The best picture I got of him and the cupcake

Once he realized it was his, it was over. I barely got the candle out before he swooped in

Here I decided it probably wasn't a good idea to let him eat the wrapper. I barely got a third of it out of his mouth.

And then we were left with a giant mess on the ground. But he made sure to lick the floor in a 3 foot radius of where the cupcake was. Tonight's task - mop the floor!

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Cooper! An old dog that just turned a teen! Btw, love that design. Simple yet very professional. I just checked Chris's blog and he has great tutorials.