Jan 8, 2014

Steph's Story Part II

If you didn't read Steph's Story Part I you can read it here. Don't mind the first part of the post where I was a whiny bitch. 

I figure with a new year, and my head somewhat stable, now is my time for change. 

First up - Eating. 

Or should I say NOT eating the things that are terrible for me and make me feel like death. I'm planning on small steps with this one. First, NO MORE diet mountain dew. I would have one "occasionally" and then 3 days later I've drank my weight in pop. I'm not a huge pop fan to begin with, I just drink it when I need a pick-me-up (I HATE coffee). And then one thing leads to another and I'm CRAVING the pop. So I'm done. I ordered some Spark and plan to try it this weekend (because let's be honest, that anxiety isn't all the way gone, and what if it makes me crazy while I'm at work?). Other small steps include limiting my grain intake (that coincidentally Holly just wrote about today here), no more beer, and no more processed junk. I always buy lots of great fresh things at the grocery store and then throw them in my freezer because I'm too lazy to cook them - well time to bust that stuff out and cook!

Second - Moving (as in my body)

I don't care if it's the "Jillian in January" challenge, or taking Coop on a walk (although def NOT in this weather), or just riding the stationary bike for 45 mins, I need to get active. I've used the excuse of "I'm depressed, I'm anxious" way too long. I'm convinced that some exercise will make me feel better (did you know I was a varsity swimmer in high school and then played water polo in college? I always felt GREAT when I hopped out of that pool). I'm not going crazy here - just easing into a little exercise and increasing it as I go.

Third - Doing things I WANT to Do

I used to be so motivated and always looked forward to the new day and a new challenge. Now a days I'm dreading the day, not wanting to get out of bed, and just counting down the hours until I'm back home being lazy on the couch. This has GOT to stop. My plan is to complete one project each week that is something I WANT to do and makes me happy. Bet you didn't know I started as an art major. I love to do creative things. And I love making changes to my house. And I haven't done either of those things in over a year. It's changing now. 

I know these are the "typical" resolutions/changes you see everyone try to make. But this is where I'm at right now, and I've never been here before. I've never been so off track that I need to tell myself to eat right and that I need to work out - I've always just done those things. Until a few years ago I was slightly overweight, but otherwise happy and living a very balanced and normal life. And I'm beyond ready to get back to that point. 

Anyone else ready for change?

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  1. I decided for me that 2014 was the year of "Saying No". I say yes way to often then I end of regretting it and doing stuff that I really didn't want to do. I also decided this year that I wanted to be around people that brought me some positive not always the negativity. Good luck and looking forward to reading more about your changes and your "dog"! :)