Jan 29, 2014

Frozen Solid

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days - I've been frozen solid on my couch. I've been trying to thaw out with blankets, a fire, and lots of kitty and puppy snuggles, but I just can't. 

Gahhh - seriously I have had ZERO motivation to do anything since Sunday afternoon. I had a great Friday and Saturday though - let's recap those (only a few days late).

I took a half day vacation on Friday and drove half way to my parents to meet my mom for lunch. I hadn't seen her since Christmas and I was REALLY missing her (she was missing me too). I know a month doesn't seem long to be away from each other, but last year while my Grandma was sick, I was home every other weekend to visit. We got used to seeing each other often and it sucks not to. 

We always meet in this little hole in the wall place. First, the town is literally in the middle of nowhere (because honestly - what is between Toledo and Columbus? NOTHING). But we love it because the food is great, it's not packed or loud (so we can spend 2 hours in a booth talking and not piss anyone off), and it's quirky.

This is a picture of the one wall - it's painted with very retro things. That's the best way I can describe it.

Then Friday I got back in town, and met up with some friends at the local bar for a few beers. That turned into us all deciding to go out to dinner (one of the guy's owns a restaurant in town). We ate, we talked, we laughed, and drank. It was perfect.  

I snapped this picture right at the end of dinner - after several drinks. 

Saturday wasn't bad either. I woke up with super motivation and decided to scrub my house. I started with taking the Dyson attachments to every corner of my house. This included anywhere that is hard to dust (fireplace). That was pretty gross. Then I continued with scrubbing my couches. I have a dog and two cats that think they own the place, so the couch scrubbing needs to be done every 3 months or so. I continued my productive day until it was dark, cleaning anything and everything I could get my hands on, all while watching the gorgeous snow fall.

Snow always makes me VERY happy!

And then I woke up Sunday morning and said "screw it!" and haven't been the same since! I'm going to try and thaw my brain and body from this solid state and join the rest of the human race today! How are you handling this cold? Funny enough it's been sunny the past 3 days, so I shouldn't be feeling "down in the dumps," but it's really hard not to when it's this cold out!!


  1. It looks like a great few days! Except for your frozen self.

    I am just operating on auto pilot until I can walk without burrowing in my coat again.

  2. My dad comes over every other night for dinner! so I get it when you say you are missing your Mom! :)