Jan 9, 2014

2014 Goals

While I wrote yesterday about my story and the three big changes I'm going to make in my life, I feel like I still need a list of goals. I see the changes as more of permanent lifestyle changes. I decided to go with 14 goals for 2014. 

1. Lose 50 Pounds

2. Finish Kal-El's Scrapbook

3. Clean and Organize all 4 closets in my house

4. Make a "Family Weekend" scrapbook for my Grandpa

5. Hang more Art that I LIKE on my First Floor

6. Plan my garden better - planting times and harvesting times

7. Start a Savings account for Lasik Eye Surgery

8. Stop Wasting Food (Keep Track of What I Throw Away)

9. Make This With My Animals Paw Prints

With paw prints?

10. Have a Special Weekend for just my Mom and I

11. Volunteer/Donate to the Local Animal Shelters 

12. Go to a Seminar for Work and Start to Develop Myself More

13.  Have my Nephew and Niece Visit for a Long Weekend

14. Join a Gym with a Pool and SWIM

I'm pretty sure everyone has already written about their 2014 goals, but if you haven't what are yours??

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