Feb 4, 2014


I'm about to go on a rant about the proper driving rules and regulations to follow when you drive through a roundabout. If you never knew the rules you will learn today! But first, I want to talk about Bloggy Boot Camp. I found out yesterday that Royal and Holly will be attending, and this is all going down in St. Louis. I'm seriously considering going. St. Louis is only a little over a 6 hour car trip (since I can't do airplanes), and it sounds like an overall great experience. Anyone else planning on attending?? 

OK - onto roundabouts. Do you have these in your town? 

For whatever reason, central Ohio has decided to be the capital of roundabouts. The suburb I live in, and the next suburb over have about 12 combined, with more in the works (and these are not huge suburbs). And most recently, where I work has decided to put a roundabout at the exit/entrance ramp (not a clover or whatever, a straight up full roundabout).  

I actually really like them. If people use them properly, traffic flows through quickly, and you aren't left with the annoying line of the 4-way stop. The key point being that people have to use them correctly

I understand that many cities don't have them, and if you have never seen one before it can be overwhelming and intimidating. But, if you have them in your city (or within a 30 mile radius) shouldn't you look up the rules and inform yourself? 

Being the nice person that I am, I have posted an informative video below. But, if you don't have time to watch it, I'll give you a crash course (no pun intended)

First, you do not have to stop! It's a yield, so if cars are coming, or pedestrians are crossing, yield and come to a stop if necessary. If there are no cars in the roundabout or anywhere even close, drive through it!! You really mess the car behind you up when you decide to come to a complete stop when there are no cars in the roundabout. 

Second, when you enter the roundabout you need to GO. Don't pull in front of someone and go 5 mph - you need to speed up and get through.

Third, once you are in the roundabout DO NOT STOP - you have the right of way! Don't hesitate because you think another car is going to come in, and please don't stop, because it will cause a huge pileup crash. If there is an emergency vehicle behind you, please exit the roundabout and THEN pull over. 

Fourth, don't change lanes inside the roundabout. This is a cardinal sin. If you are going to exit the roundabout on the wrong street, so be it - you messed up. You know what? You can turn around and get right back in the roundabout pretty easily. Don't change lanes. 

Fifth, don't sit and wait forever to enter the roundabout. Nothing is worse than you attempting to enter and then stopping, blocking half of traffic. You have to have confidence and GO. Like I said before, once you are in, you own it. 

And now for the helpful video:

Do you have roundabouts in your city? Do you find that when people use them correctly they are absolutely amazing and traffic flows smoothly? If you don't have them, or have never experienced one, I hope this helps!! 


  1. We have one in our city, and its a two-lane one. I always feel sorry for the poor sucker who gets caught on the inside lane. I always think of Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's European Vacation when he gets stuck in it and they drive around all day in the same roundabout.

  2. I freaking hate them, we call them circles up in this part of the country.

    And I also always think of European Vacation. Big Ben! Parliament!

  3. hahahaha we do have these at home in Massachusetts. We call them "rotaries" - and I don't follow your rules I typically just gun it. You probably wouldn't want to drive next to me ;)