May 30, 2013

A Link Up (or 2)

I know I'm a day late on this one, but once I remembered my terrible date I decided I needed to share. . . . 

I dated a guy through senior year of high school, all of college, and almost a year out of college (long distance). When he couldn't grow up I finally ventured out on my own for the first time in 7 years. Unfortunately at this time I was living 500 miles away from home, on the East Coast, working my butt off at my dream job. Really, all I wanted to do was have fun and do what I wanted to do for a change. 

As I stated, I was working, ALL THE TIME. So naturally I started to get to know the guys I worked with a little better. I didn't know anyone else. At. All. There was this one guy we will call Bob - he was very nice, friendly, and cute. So when he asked if I wanted to hang out after work, I was all for it. A few drinks at a bar is no big deal right?? 

That went fine, so a few days later when he asked me to dinner I was all for it. He wanted to pick me up, and I didn't see an issue with it since I had known him for over a year and worked with him. So he came to my apartment and got me, and said he needed to swing by his house to pickup something before we went out to eat. OK - but didn't you just come from your house?

As soon as we walked through the door I realized I didn't know as much as I thought about him. This was a HOME - like decorated nicely, everything in it's place, wedding pictures hanging above the mantle. Wedding pictures of HIM!! 

He quickly saw the look on my face and explained that he was separated from his wife, and although they still lived in the same house there was nothing between them. As the thoughts running through my head are like "yeah right." He even took me upstairs to show me they had separate bedrooms. WTH? And at this point I'm ready to go home, but we haven't even gone out to eat yet! How do you say, "You are freaking me out, please take me home immediately." ??

So at dinner, after we had ordered, he says he needs to tell me something. He proceeds to tell me that he was going to change his life insurance policy so I was the sole beneficiary. He said that he knew we were soul mates and it was better to change something like that sooner than later. I seriously almost choked on my drink. So if I didn't know what to say before, I really didn't know what to say now!! 

I told him it was a nice thought, but I really didn't think it was a good idea. I told him that I needed to get to know him better. He proceeded to tell me that was fine, but we would get married someday, and he would make me the beneficiary as soon as I was comfortable with it. Ummm sorry, never going to be comfortable with that since I'm never going to see you again if I can help it!!

He dropped the subject, we finished dinner, I got home alive, and work was definitely strange for a few days. Luckily for me, about a week later, I got moved to another building on campus and didn't have to see him each and every day. Really nice guy - just incredibly creepy. 


OK, I can't miss out on a linkup opportunity with Holly - she may or may not know that I stalk her and LOVE her blog. So if you don't know her (although I'm sure everyone already does) you need to check her out!!

My summer list. . . . 

Well, it ALWAYS includes spending a long weekend at my parents, where I can chill poolside and completely relax. One of the very few places that I can actually do that. I am the absolute most comfortable when I'm in/around water. Product of being a lifetime swimmer. And it helps that I grew up at this pool, and learned to swim there. 

My birthday is always in the summer, so some sort of celebration is on hand. But I'm thinking this will be something big since it's the big 3-0. It's still 3 months away, and I don't have a clue what I want to do.

Since my sister is getting married mid-October, there will be a bridal shower and bachlorette party in the plans as well. . . . and you can bet your lottery winnings that I will be using Kristen for the invites. I've been secretly wondering if I can throw a birthday party for my dog just so I can get some of the cute stuff she makes! 


And the rest of the summer will consist of visiting my grandma as much as possible. Unfortunately I spent the long weekend helping my mom move her things out of her apartment. It's official that she will never be able to leave assisted living. She is BEYOND an amazing woman, and has lived such an incredible life. If I become half of the woman she is I will be happy. I just hope she goes in peace. 

Taken a year ago Easter. My gorgeous mom and the best grandma ever!

Hopefully I will have time to catch up and do some design work on this little blog over the weekend. Don't hold your breath though - my dad is visiting for the weekend so we can go to the golf tournament that's in town. 

May 23, 2013

A Little Craftiness

I love artsy crafty projects. I actually started as a Graphic Design Major, but I can assure you, that's not what I do now. The closest I get to creative at work involves me putting up a new border on a bulletin board.

My friend's daughter is graduating from High School this week (yes, most of my friends are in their late 40s - early 50s). I offered to make a picture board and a banner for the party. I love doing things like this, and it makes me forget about the real world while I fully emerge myself in my studio.

My studio was a shed when I bought my house. It had a regular door (not barn doors), and a window, but I honestly didn't even look in it until I had purchased the home. I had a 2 car garage for just me, so that was more than enough - the shed was just a bonus. 

To my great surprise, the shed was fully wired with electricity - had a huge light, some shelving, and had framework for drywall. One wall was completely covered in pegboard (as is every wall inside my garage), and there was a small wobbly home-made table in one corner. 

Well, long story short, after I had lived there about a year, a friend and I converted it into my studio. We insulated, installed drywall, put built in tables that run the length of two walls (which are at a "Stephanie" height - perfectly placed so when I stand it's comfortable to work), and put in flooring. It took several months, working for an hour or two after work, but now it's amazing. 

I have TONS of art supplies and things to craft. I have 3 scrapbooks that are in-process, and I have a pinterest board full of ideas, but I don't find much time to get out there and really play around. So I jumped at the chance to work on the graduation party stuff. 

I will have to get pictures of the overall shed later. But for now, here are a few of my current projects - which must be complete tomorrow night - since the party is Saturday.


Chances are, I won't get back to blog-land until after the holiday. I'm going to my parents for the weekend, and those trips are always SUPER busy - every minute of my life is scheduled out to see someone. Slightly frustrating, since they could always come visit me! But it sure will be good to see everyone - especially my grandma!!

And here is a cute pic of Coop chomping on his new duck toy - he was so good at the vet for his blood draw he deserved it! 

Everyone have a great weekend and fantastic Memorial Day!!

May 20, 2013


I think an entire week of my life disappeared. I had the best intentions to work on this little blog all of last weekend, but clearly that didn't happen. . . . 

I kind of forgot I had a work trip. I guess I didn't forget (I don't think my OCD would ever let me forget something like that). I was more in denial that this trip was actually going to occur. Where I work, trips are frequently canceled. I once had planned on leaving around 3 in the afternoon to drive somewhere so I could be there first thing the next morning, and I got an email at 11 o'clock that day saying the meeting had been postponed. And that wasn't the first time. I know for a fact I've had 3 trips planned that got canceled less than a week before the scheduled travel. 

So for this trip, I kept telling myself it wasn't going to happen. Not that I didn't want to go to the meeting - great opportunity for work, and was going to meet some great people - it was the fact that I didn't want to RIDE IN THE CAR 8 HOURS with a co-worker. And the 8 hours was just for the ride THERE. Then 8 hours of meetings, a hotel stay, and ANOTHER 8 hours in the car back! 

You may think I'm being dramatic, but I assure you, I was not. Don't get me wrong - I have a tendency to be dramatic about everything, but when your other co-workers are telling you "good luck" for the car ride, you know it's going to be a doozy. So you can see why I would have loved for this trip to be canceled. And Saturday morning I thought it might be - I got an email invite to an emergency meeting Monday morning that I HAD to attend. Well, how can I attend a web based meeting when I'm driving in a car? But, they found someone else to fill the need, and off I went. 

So that blew 2 days of my life. And I swear I have been catching up ever since. It really does blow my mind how just 2 days from keeping up with all of my email can throw the next few weeks so off course. (Side note - 85% of the time I fire up my computer and sort through my email on Sunday evening from the weekend. Otherwise my Monday is shot). 

(We get to use these IBM think pads for work)

Needless to say, in the little bit of downtime I managed to find this weekend, I decided to do my laundry, relax a little, and finish my book. 

I did have my electrician friend come over this weekend and replace my ceiling fan. I purchased a new shiny one several weeks ago, but didn't have the guts to tackle the wiring (or the high ladder) so I've been waiting for him to help out.

Before - nasty white (that no matter how many times I wiped down, never looked clean): 

After - nice clean stainless steel with chocolate brown paddles that match my accent wall (which you can't see) and my curtains:

That's all for now. I only got an eighth of my list done today, so instead of continuing on that, I'm sitting on my patio blogging. Keep on the lookout for more tomorrow!! 

May 10, 2013

Here Goes Nothing!

Well blog world - here I am. 

Not sure what I intend to do with this blog. Of course there are the usual blogs: Weight Loss, Mommy, DIY, Fashion and so on. Well I certainly could use some Weight Loss advice - I'm defiantly not about to write about that. I'm only a Mommy to some furry guys, so that won't work. I can do some DIY, but have a hard time finishing what I get myself into, so that might not work. And Fashion, well I've always been a jeans and tee-shirt kind of gal, so I'm out of luck there too.

Looks like this blog is going to be a little bit of everything, and most importantly me! I've been following some amazing bloggers for over a year now, so I figure why not give it a shot of my own!? What's the worst that can happen - I suck at it and no one follows me, so I stop. No biggie - much worse has happened!

I joined  Holly & Jake's linkup yesterday and loved writing. So hopefully you all decide I'm OK at this and keep on reading. 

There will definitely be more to come, but for now I will leave you with this:
(Yes I have cankles, yes my legs are as white as my socks, and yes I was very dirty.) 

I spent three and a half hours last night mowing my lawn. Typically it takes me about an hour and 15 mins. I was trying to get a good pic of how long it was in the back. . . . I don't let it get crazy in the front (I don't want to get one of those terrible letters from the homeowners association). 

Somehow the backyard didn't get cut for 9 days! I had to empty the bag 13 times, and actually ran the mower out of gas before I was through (I have NEVER done that before). So that's my reason for not having this blog updated at all. And of course afterwards I had to give the dog a bath because he was green up to his belly. Oh well - life of a homeowner and I LOVE it!! 

Have a great weekend everyone ~ and stop back Monday to see some changes!! 

May 9, 2013

Jake & Holly's Finish the Sentence Linkup

Well I said I was going to do it, so I must keep my word. Here is my first post AND my first linkup. I just can't get enough Holly & Jake. So, here's some random info about me, and keep coming back for more, because now that I've dipped my toes, I'm gonna jump all the way!! 


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....I fry in the sun, while they get nice and tan. I didn't get any of the Native American genes.

My best friend says...I have "Stephanieisms" because of all of my OCD and anxiety. Thankfully he tells me they don't bother him. 

People call me...the Superman freak. I have been a huge fan since I was very young, and know almost any detail you want to know about anything Superman. I'm counting down the days for the release of "Man of Steel"

I most often dream...EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And I remember everything in full detail. And then I have to call the people I dreamed about and fill them in. I have a fear that if I don't let them know what I dreamed, it might come true and then it will be my fault! 

The best part of my when I walk through my door after work. My pup is super excited to see me, and even the kitties come out from hiding to greet me. Of course, as soon as I say hi to everyone I grab an ice cold Bud Select - so that's pretty good too. 

I really don't understand...why some people love fishing. I get it if you are fishing to get food to eat. But why on earth would you wait quietly to put a big hook in a fish's mouth only to rip it out and throw the fish back in the water. Not only does it seem awfully mean to that fish, but I just don't see the point! Then again, sometimes I wonder why I like to chase a tiny ball around acres of land in an attempt to put said ball into a tiny hole. . . .

I get really annoyed...when people can't figure out when to go in a 4-way stop. PAY ATTENTION when you drive up!! It's really not that difficult, and traffic would go a LOT faster if you would just GO. I have no patience for people that hesitate. 

There's nothing like cold beer after mowing the lawn. Something about yard work SCREAMS "drink a beer" to me. And after I'm covered in grass clippings and all sweaty, I like to sit and admire my crooked mowing lines with a beer in my hand. 

Lately, I can't get enough...of sitting on my patio. This time last year we had skipped spring and were already in the mid 80s everyday. I'm loving the low to mid 70s. Me, my pup, a book, and a beer make an appearance on the patio several times a week. 

One thing I am NOT is...unorganized. Everything about my life is super organized, right down to my purse. And I'm not going to bed at night until things are put back in their place. Yeah, that's the OCD kicking in again.

I spent too much money on...getting my dog healthy. But, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would spend all my money and put myself in serious debt for this pooch. He's my best bud, and he is doing SO much better now! 

I want to learn....EVERYTHING. Seriously, if I could just be a full time student for the rest of my life, while having all of the money I need to do anything my heart desires, I would be content. I love learning about anything - even things like how to install a new kitchen faucet. 

If I ever met Tom Welling, I would...probably have an extreme panic attack and not say a word.

I can't stop...designing my dream home. It is constantly changing, and it will only take about 4 billion dollars to make, but a girl can dream right?

Never have I ever...smoked a cigarette. Or even put one in my mouth! 

Reese So what if she tried to get out of a ticket - wouldn't we all if we thought it was a possibility? 

Well that's it for now. I hope you keep coming back - I promise I will make this little space prettier and more interesting as time goes on. I couldn't miss this link up today so I had to start blogging a little before I was ready. Have a wonderful Thursday!