Mar 6, 2014

Thankful that Trip is OVER

If you have ever read this blog, you will know I hate flying. I don't travel well in general (I hate change), but flying is the worst for me. I had a one day meeting in our Corporate office in Chicago and had to fly . . . . long story short, I lived, but barely. 

Flight there was good, and I was proud of myself for not having a full blown panic attack. Meeting went well, and by the time I got through security Tuesday evening, I was tired and ready to be home. The universe had other plans for me unfortunately. The plane had mechanical issues and after three thirty min delays it was determined "unfixable." Luckily they had an old plane in the hanger they could use, but that took another hour and half to get over to us and get ready. I finally arrived in Columbus around 1AM - a full 4 hours later than expected. There was not a panic attack victory on the ride home. We were on the plane at the gate for 40 mins before leaving, and then another 20 after landing before we could get a gate. Ugghh!!

So, it took me a day to get back into the swing of things. I had a super busy weekend and start of the week, so today I'm going to recap my weekend.

Saturday I had a sprinkle to go to for my college roommate. I cleaned the house and ran some errands before I promptly arrived at 12:50 - 10 mins before the start of the event. Turns out I was only an hour and 50 mins late for the start of the event. I wrote 1PM on my planner, and the invite clearly said 11AM. I was beyond embarrassed - I'm never one to even show up 5 mins late! It worked out well though, because I got some time to sit and chat with my friend one-on-one. 

She requested diapers, since she really didn't need much the second time around. Superman onesie WITH a cape - yes please! 

Finished product. I know nothing about babies, I just bought some stuff and put it in there. I mainly bought the Pampers diapers because I had coupons.

Then Sunday brought the Bar Olympics. I'm sure your initial thought is Bar Olympics = drinking games. That is not the case with our Olympics. These Olympics consist of 4 "sports" - Pool, Ping Pong, Video Bowling, and Darts. There are four teams of four - 16 people total. Each player earns points for how they place at each sport.  If you win all 4 sports, you total 40 points, if you get second in all 4 sports you get 28 points, and so on. The player with the most points then advances to the finals. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win a cash prize, along with the winner of each sport in each group. Oh, and 1st place earns their name on the trophy along with bragging rights for a year.

I make a new trophy every year, because every year we have changed the sports involved.

The point of this Olympics is that you drink while you play the games, and as the games progress, it becomes harder to play well, and more entertaining for everyone watching. This year was no exception. After 9 hours of keeping score (and yelling at everyone to keep up in their sport), I ditched. Mainly because I knew I had to get on an airplane the next evening and I was already freaking myself out about it (I know I've got problems). 

Yes, I drank all day (although I drank a bunch of water too). I was still surprised to see I actually took a picture of each sport.

Then a short day on Monday before I hopped on that plane, and you've already heard about Tuesday above. Yesterday I played catch-up and it's officially been the quickest work week for me EVER. Can't wait until tomorrow - not only is it Friday but it's going to be 50 degrees!! Anyone else have good weather headed their way (finally)??


  1. Yay for good weather! I'm glad the Olympics went well and that you had a safe, albeit quick, trip.

    I hate flying too. I'm sure I've mentioned that. :)

  2. I have issues with planes because I'm claustrophobic. No fear of flying, but I hate being trapped in a small space. I have to start paying for upgraded seats on flights that are longer than 2 hours. I nearly lost my mind on the way to Mexico surrounded by ahole teenage girls.

    I love that onesie! Where did you get it in case my friend has a boy?