Mar 11, 2014

Spring has Sprung??

It appears that spring has sprung in central Ohio. First, it's light out in the evening!!!! (I know everyone experienced that this weekend). Second, it's above 40 degrees and the sun is shining! Third, the grill was fired up last night, so that means it IS spring!!

I've said it before - I'm a winter person - but this winter really kicked my ass (and most of yours I'm sure). I'm ready to clean and organize and make things pretty. Saturday I deep cleaned some stuff and felt like a million pounds were lifted off my chest. Sunday was spent with family, and Monday I got some steaks and fired up that grill. 

I'm itching to get in my studio to clean it up, and start creating things. Unfortunately for me, I doubt that will happen in the next few days. . . apparently it's going to snow tonight/tomorrow morning. We aren't going to get the worst - obviously the more north you are the worse it will be, but we are supposed to get about 2 inches. To me this is devastating. The snow has long melted and the grass is so happy to be out. I don't want it to go into hiding again. Plus, I feel like this snow will put me back in the funk of sitting on the couch and binge watching TV. I'm really ready to plant my garden - not shovel snow!! 

This is exactly how I'm picturing it when I look out the window tomorrow.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand the meteorologists don't have the greatest track record for predicting the weather, but this one has me nervous. Will it put me back in a winter depression? I feel like I just got out of it!! Only time will tell what happens . . . . 

Has spring sprung in your part of the country? Are you going to get another dose of winter?


  1. today is a glorious 10 degrees and sunny and just amazing. i drove the entire way home WITH THE SUNROOF OPEN and music blaring. the last time i did that was IN OCTOBER. way too long and WTF.

    and t hen tomorrow, mother nature is going to be a whore again and shit snow on us. we are estimating about 15cm {insert slew of curse words here}

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Steaks on the grill sound awesome. Today is glorious - 60 some degrees. We'll be around a zero windchill Thursday and snow is possible.