Mar 13, 2014

Kal-El's Story - Pet's Are People Too Linkup

I've been wanting to join the linkup Pets Are People Too ever since I found Jackie's blog a few months ago. Unfortunately, things have come up on the linkup days and I haven't been able to get Kal-El's story out there. He's finally getting his story out today!! 

Jade and Oak


Hey - it's Kal-El here. The ruler of the roost. The number one pet. The man in charge.

I have a pretty good life here in my castle. Of course it was much better when I was the only one, but the other two aren't bad. Mom used to spend a lot more time with me when it was just her and I, but secretly I'm OK with the other two getting all the snuggles. I was just snuggling to make mom feel better - I would rather not be cuddled with, it messes up my fur. 

Please don't mess with my fur.

I have a lot of jobs in this house since the other two are worthless. Number one priority is protecting the house from intruders. When someone comes in the door they will get a thorough inspection by none other than myself. That loud noise in the front of the house alerts me when the door is going to be opened, and I come running. This is such a serious job, I can't afford to sleep in the bed with mom anymore. I must keep watch on the arm of the couch where I can see the front door at all times.

Look out - I will get you!

My next job of the house is to inspect all food that mom consumes. I can't figure out why she doesn't like it, I'm doing it for her own safety. And most of the good stuff is up where I'm "not allowed" to go. Pisssshh I've learned to be stealthy and go there when no one is looking. Mom's safety is my number one priority (after protecting intruders). 

Nice action shot mom!

Of course there are many other jobs. That damn red light is going to kill someone someday. Whenever I see it I must attack. And then there is all of the fun things that dance on the floor. It's absolutely imperative to get those all hidden in closets, under furniture, wherever they are out of site. And a good meow signal must be made once they have disappeared. I also have to inspect each bed throughout the day. It's important to get under the covers and on the sheets so if there are any bad things I will scare them away before mom gets there. 

For whatever reason there was this paper dangling. It looked threatening so I decided to kill it.

Oh and last but not least is eating. I have to keep my stomach full if I need to do all of these tasks every day. Those other two just don't understand how important these jobs are. Sometimes I have to give the big one a couple of hits on the face to try and shake him into place. He still doesn't get it. Mom is lucky I'm around to keep things safe and comfortable. I don't know what she would do without me! 

Don't disturb me while I'm eating!

I'm sure you will hear the other two's stories someday. Just keep in mind, they don't do any of the necessary work around here. 


  1. love this! isn't it amazing how many "jobs" our pets have? so important! and so glad you were able to link up :)

  2. Thank God Kal-El is there to run the show and make sure everything is in line.

  3. how cute!!!!

    PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on - if your interested love for you to stop by .. pass on the good karma :o)