Mar 21, 2014

Tablet Recommendations??

Happy Friday Everyone - I hope you are all experiencing the beautiful spring weather like we are here in Central Ohio.

Now that my Buckeyes are out of the tournament, I don't have much of a desire to watch basketball. I will watch some, but I won't be all involved like I would have if the Buckeyes were playing. So that means I'm ready to tackle the yard this weekend! I absolutely hate yard work. We were forced as kids to go out and pickup sticks every Saturday before my dad mowed the lawn. We had a big back yard and lots of trees, so there were always lots of sticks to pick up. I'm thinking that's why I hate ANY kind of yard work. But you gotta to what you gotta do, and I don't want my yard being the nasty one in the neighborhood. 

I sent this pic to my dad last spring to try and convince him to come help me do yard cleanup. Of course things don't look half as good this year!

I'm working on some realistic spring goals, and hope to have that post up on Monday. I want to limit the number of goals I set, so I can actually attain them. I feel like I always list everything and anything I want to do, and then the list is so long it's not achievable. So I want to focus on what needs done and what I will do. 

No onto the real topic today - Do you have a tablet? Do you like it? What do you recommend? 

I have a macbook from 2006 at home. I have a work computer, but I'm ready to get something a little more in the 2010s for myself. I want to be able to use a cloud and all that jazz. My 2006 computer won't let me do anything with a cloud. I'm pretty certain itunes is going to tell me I can't download music anymore because my version is too old, but I can't upgrade it because the computer won't handle it. 

So, I need something that is easy to use but gets the job done. I was almost 100% sold on the Kindle because of Amazon Prime and all the stuff you get through that. But then I decided I would make sure I could use the one app that I HAD to use - blogger. I've seen mixed answers to that question. I guess you can get gmail but not google+ or any of the other google stuff. You can sort of download blogger but it's not exactly like what it is on a computer?? Does anyone know anything about this stuff? I'm not a complete technological idiot, but I really don't want to go to the pain of researching what each type of tablet does and doesn't do. So any help would be MUCH appreciated. 

Am I stupid to want a tablet to blog with? Am I better getting a computer? Keep in mind, my ipod is from 2006 as well, and this is my phone:

circa 1999

I do have a Gallexy SII for work, but I can't download music or anything good on it. Currently that lovely gem of a phone I have is still on my parents family plan (I know I'm spoiled), and I really don't want to go off on my own and get a phone plan. If I get a tablet I intend to only use it with wifi, not 4G. 

So, any and all advice would be much appreciated! What do you use to blog?? 

Have a great weekend!


  1. ugh, never EVER use a tablet to blog. you can read and *maybe* (and i use that term VERY loosely) leave comments but blogging on a tablet is next to impossible. if your'e going to type out more than one sentence, it's best to use an actual keyboard.

    however, there are newer tablets that are a laptop hybrid. the windows surface is a good example. small screen though so that, in the future, might be bothersome. windows has come a long way from an OS perspective and windows 8 isn't as bad as previous OS versions. hybrids aren't where they should be but check out asus, lenovo or HP.

    personally, i only use my tablet (samsung galaxy) to watch movies/shows, read and just surf. i never use it for any type of actual work or blogging.

    i'm a huge android fan and the nexus or samsung tablets are my top choices. a lot of people go for ipads but those are too restrictive in my opinion (ie. you're chained to itunes or iphoto or whatever) and ipads aren't as intuitive as one would think (if you're a heavy user). EVERYTHING has to sync through propietary software. unless you're connected, you can go through the cloud but what if there's no wifi? then you cant access anything. for me, i have a USB adapter so i load up everything on my USB key, pop in the adapter into my tablet and just transfer back and forth between tablet and USB, connection or no connection.

    sorry for all the geek talk but geek stuff gives me a huge geek boner. also why i'm in IT LOL

    let me know if you have any questions!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'd love to hear what you end up getting! I'd like a tablet too. :-)

  3. I agree with Kathy.
    I read this post last week when you posted it, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around answering. Late last year, our Macbook died and I had to blog from my phone and/or iPad. I basically quit blogging for a while because it was too difficult.
    I just have no advice. So sorry. :(

    But I can't wait to hear what you got! Keep us posted!