Oct 14, 2013

Life as of Lately/Monday May I . . .

Sorry I have been MIA - things got crazy at the end of last week, and I was visiting so many people back home this weekend, I didn't even look at Facebook  instragram, or blogs (and certainly no work emails!) ONCE while I was visiting my parents. So, I'm going to fill you in, list my weekly goals, and see how I did on last weeks goals. . . 

Monday May I...

I had big plans for Thursday evening - I was finally going to tackle that lawn and get everything nice and cleaned up. Plans disappeared when we had some unexpected visitors at work, and I had to go out to dinner - for 3.5 hours! Now that it's dark out so early, the lawn mowing didn't happen. And more importantly, my post about my furniture transformation didn't get finished (got to have those priorities straight!)

Friday morning I decided I had to take a half vacation day, and mow my lawn before heading to my parents for the weekend. I bolted out of work at 12:03 and changed into lawn mowing clothes as soon as I got home. iPod charged, sunglasses and gross lawn mowing shoes on - I'm ready to go. And, the lawn mower won't work. Starts up, then dies. Starts up, then dies (did this about 5 times before I got pissed and called my dad). Guess the carburetor needs cleaned out? I really don't care what is wrong, I just want it to work and not have to spend a lot of money on it. Luckily I have a FANTASTIC co-worker (the one I carpool with) who is going to come over after work today and pull it apart and clean it out. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

This beauty is circa 1991, and has run like a CHAMP for the past 5 years I have owned it. 

Then I loaded the zoo into the car and headed 2.5 hours north to my parents house for the weekend. I literally did not stop the entire time I was home. I was always visiting someone, or cooking something, or sorting through stuff, or drinking with the family. By the time I left Sunday evening I was soooo ready for my couch! 

Goals from last week - FAIL. Did not get one single thing done. I know that is super terrible. I'm not going to let anything be an excuse for me this week.

{ONE} - Get the lawn mowed. If I have to borrow someone's mower, or pay the kid down the road to use his parents and do it I will. This MUST get done.

{TWO} - Send my Grandma a card and something fun in the mail. I know she does not like being in the nursing home, and hopefully this will cheer her up.

{THREE} - Get to know my Fall Swap partner. This is my first swap, and I'm VERY excited. And my partner Ang emailed me first thing this morning. Can't wait to get to know her better!


And finally I have to share my version of Holly's cheeseball in a pumpkin costume. 
Funny story with this little guy - I asked my mom to pick up a green pepper at the grocery store. I didn't specify it needed to have a stem on it . . . I have a moment of panic - I just made this cheeseball for nothing! I quickly regrouped and decide I will just stick some green pepper in the top and maybe it will resemble a pumpkin stem. Gotta give credit to my sister for the face - she suggested it, and I love it! Oh, and this thing was gone quickly at the party - had a GREAT flavor.


  1. Doing that for your Grandmother sounds like a great great idea! I think I'll send my Grannie a halloween card to cheer her up now :)


    1. I try to think of how my Grandma spoiled me so much as a child with little surprises and try to do that for her now. Thanks for reading!

  2. I think you can count #3 a success already! :)

    1. I'm very excited I got paired with such a great person!