Oct 9, 2013

A Typical Day

I'm a sucker for a link up - so today you get to hear all about my typical day as I link up with Royal and Crystal (only a day late).

Alan & Crystal and Royal Proclaims

I opted not to log one day in particular, but rather give a run down of my typical day. My week days are almost 100% the same - as I like routine!

5:25 AM - Alarm goes off, and promptly get's shut off.

5:45 AM - Alarm goes off again and I hit snooze - sometimes usually more than once. 

6:05-6:15 AM - Crawl out of bed and immediately shower. 

6:30 AM - Head downstairs, turn on the morning news and feed the pup. Shove a pill down his throat if he spits it out of his food dish. This takes approximately 45 seconds, so at 6:30:45 AM he gets let out for the first time.

6:32 AM to 7 AM - Feed kitties, make water bottles, prep breakfast, pack lunch, watch the news.

7 AM - Back upstairs to get ready/dressed in work clothes, and feed the turtles (every 3rd day)

7:15 AM - Cook breakfast sandwiches, pack them up, let Cooper out again. 

7:30 AM - Co-worker arrives to drive me to work.
***This is an awesome deal we have worked out. He drives me to and from work, and I provide breakfast sandwiches, as well as lunch. I LOVE to cook, but hate leftovers, so this works out VERY well for me. And I have a newer car that I want to keep low on miles and in good repair, so I don't get the wear and tear on my car driving 45 miles a day.***

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM - catch up on anything that happened overnight, talk to co-workers, eat breakfast at my desk, think about how I wished I went to bed earlier. 

9 AM to 9:15/9:30/9:45/10 AM - Morning meeting for all of the managers. Sometimes this takes 10 mins, sometimes it takes an hour. Depends on what happened the night before, and what personnel issues we are dealing with. 

9:15/9:30/9:45/10 AM to 12:45 PM - Work. Sitting at my desk. I miss the days when I was in the warehouse all day, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I have a snack in this time - usually around 10:30 or 11. I also will join the smokers outside for some sunshine (even though I have never even put a cigarette in my mouth). I do have windows in my office, but I love going out and having the sun warm me up - that being said, if it is hot out, I won't go outside. I have no problem going outside in the cold.

Notes, notes, notes - as every hour goes on, the list of things to fix gets longer and longer.

12:45 PM to 1 PM - Eat lunch. I usually do go to the break room, as it's easier to clean everything up, and most of the time I need to warm something up. I eat with my co-worker that I provide lunch for, and we prefer to eat late - makes the afternoon go more quickly.

1 PM to 4 PM - More work. I try to leave by 4 because the odds of me opening the laptop and working after hours are about 75% each evening.

4:45 PM - Arrive home and let the pup out. He usually has to go potty NOW.
He really wasn't happy I waited to let him out to take a picture. And yes, he is 12 (almost 13) but he is crated when I'm not home. He can NOT keep himself out of trouble!

4:47 PM - Change into comfy clothes!!

4:50 PM to 5:30 PM - Feed Cooper, play with him, play with kitties, and crack a beer if the day was rough.

5:30 PM - Call my mom - this conversation usually lasts about an hour, and I try and start some dinner while talking to her.

6:30 PM - Finish cooking/eat dinner.

7:00 PM to 9:30 PM - Clean up. Do whatever random chores need done (i.e. mow the lawn - although now it's too dark out by 7:15 to do that!) Pack the leftover dinner for lunch tomorrow. Talk to the neighbors, play with the pup, do something creative in my shed (converted into an art studio), maybe watch some TV and chill, or unfortunately, do some work. 

9:30 PM - Head upstairs and get ready for bed. I LOVE to read and don't like that I don't read as often as I would like. I do try to read for at least a half hour every night before bed. My goal is to be asleep by 10:45 PM.

And then it starts all over again!!


  1. Thanks for linking up with us!
    I hit snooze for probably 30 minutes. It's awful.
    And I love reading in bed but I never do it! :(

    1. Yeah, snooze can be my worst enemy or my best friend depending on the day!!