Oct 5, 2013

Friday's Post - a Day Late. . .

I had planned to write a Five on Friday post yesterday . . . but that just didn't happen. 

Work had some crazy twists thrown into it yesterday, and I worked from 1PM Friday until 7:30PM Saturday. The worst part is while I type this, we still have 5 or 6 people there working - for well over 24 hours. 

We've done this before - we do it every other year, but no one has ever seen anything this bad. New system = not configured correctly. 

But that's OK - life goes on - we sure did learn a lot!! 

So I slept in my bed for about 4 hours and then moved to the couch. My poor pup has some pent-up energy!! I threw the ball about 50 times from the couch - and his is 12 - no spring chicken! Guess that's what happens when you have about 20 hours of sleep. 

That bunny is now destroyed!

Don't know where I would have been without my super neighbor - she came over (WITH her two kids) to let him out and feed him at 9PM. I quickly realized I wasn't going to have a chance to drive back the 40 mins, let him out, feed him, and drive back 40 mins. Typically we have lulls and this is no big deal - not last night!

Anyway, I will continue to lay on the couch all evening, watch my Buckeyes and hopefully get a good nights rest. I have about 26 chores on the list for tomorrow. 

I plan on linking up with Blooming Bells on Monday for Monday May I and then my first furniture transformation on Tuesday - be sure to stop back!

Until then, I need your opinion - we all take a guess of when we will be done. From the picture below you can see we were all clearly WAY off. But, by Price is Right rules, I win right?! Closest to the answer without going over? We are having some conflicting opinions at work - saying this instance should be thrown out. But since it's the first time I've won I'm fighting for it!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. Whoa! You must work in IT? Am I right? I am the daughter of an IT worker and she was always staying at work when new systems were being installed. Trust me when I say this...you doing that after hours is appreciated. Where I work, that ish is done while we are sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

    1. Also, I can't wait to see your furniture transformation on Tuesday!!