Oct 1, 2013

First Buckeye Game of the Season (for me)

I finally made it to my first Ohio State game over the weekend. Typically I go to the home opener, but things have been pretty crazy this fall. I had to BEG my dad not to give away the Wisconsin tickets. First Big Ten game, night game in the Shoe - I had to be there. 

I LOVE going to the games with my dad - there really isn't anyone I would rather go with. He went to Ohio State too, so he gets it. He gets goosebumps when the band marches in. He gets that overwhelming feeling in his heart when Carmen Ohio plays. And most importantly, he gets a cheesy grin on his face and usually gives me a big hug. This is rare for my dad, but Ohio State is our thing. We are the only two in the family that graduated and have a true love for the Buckeyes. 

Cheerleaders marching in right before the team. Backwards OHIO because we are on the "wrong" side of the stadium.

We started tailgating early - I was very careful to pace myself so I would make it through the entire game. It was nice to have so much time because my dad knows a lot of people who have tailgates, so we always have a lot of stops. This time we could actually spend some time at each of them.

No idea what kind of car this was, but he LOVED it. 

We got into the stadium early and watched warm-ups and the band march in (that honestly might be one of the greatest things ever). And we got a Script Ohio before the game - which always gets the crowd fired up!

Always strange to see the lights up - Ohio Stadium doesn't have permanent ones!

Dad and I sitting in the grass at our last tailgate - enjoying a hog roast before walking back to the stadium.

It was a LONG day, but it was worth it. Dad and I both had a blast, and the Buckeyes won! It was a pretty good game from a spectator standpoint too. Because OSU is so large, and because they make the RVs tailgate WAY out by the baseball fields, I think we walked 7 or 8 miles on Saturday. Dad and I both agreed it was good for us - we burned off all the junk we ate (not to mention the alcohol). It was HOT out for a late September game, but it was awesome. 

I don't get to spend much time one-on-one with my dad, and it always makes me a little sad when I realize how amazing he is, and how little time we spend together. And at 6:30 Sunday morning he was up and out my door by 8AM headed two and a half hours north where my parents live. 

I then plopped my butt on the couch and did NOTHING for the majority of the day. That was pretty nice too - overall a great weekend!

Any other Buckeye fans out there? Anyone else enjoy some college football this weekend?

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