Jun 7, 2013

My Garage

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My garage door hates me. Has since the day I moved in. Well technically since the 7th day I bought it (but hadn't moved in yet) when hurricane Ike put a nice big dent in it. Since then it's been nothing but a pain in the butt. 

In February the spring snapped, so I had to replace it. Well turns out there was a lot more wrong with it than I thought. About $1000 later I had an entire new door. 

Fast forward to Wednesday, and it's broken again. This time it's the opener, or more accurately, the sensors that prevent you from killing your dog if he runs under the door while it's on the way down. 

Luckily, when it decided to not work, my co-worker (and carpool buddy) was over. He helped me get the door closed, and promised he would help me for real fix it the next day. 

Long story short, I am VERY thankful he was willing to help me out. It took over an hour and a half of just moving things slightly and tweaking wires before it would even come close to shutting. And eventually it did. I don't know how he had the patience for it - after about 15 mins of moving something 1/8th of an inch, and pushing the button, and having nothing happen I was ready to call it quits. Seriously - decided to talk to the little boys across the street about their turtles. I could NOT handle that kind of tedious work. I'm all for a project, but I need to do something and see results - I just can't sit around and try the same thing over and over and over with no success. Glad my co-worker could - and I only had to give him a few beers!!

While he was in my garage, he spotted these:

I got these from my aunt when she passed away. They are replica beer cases from the 1800s. Constructed all of wood, and have a hinged top so you can store things in there. 

So my co-worker put the idea in my head . . . how can I turn these into tables of some sort? Maybe end tables for the basement? How else could I use these in my house other than just sitting on the ground storing a blanket or something?? They have some serious character and I completely agree with him - they shouldn't just be hiding in my garage. Any suggestions??

Have a great weekend!

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