Jun 17, 2013

A Week of Travel (or 2 Days)

Ugghh - if you already haven't figured out, my job is either 100% slammed, or 100% dead. Of course, since I got up the courage to start this blog, I've been 100% slammed.

Anyway, I had to travel again for work last week. Second work trip in two months, and before that it had been almost a year since I traveled. I don't travel well. Period. And me traveling on an airplane? EVEN WORSE. If I don't have to go right from the airport to work, I drug myself and handle it with ease well enough. But when I have to go right to work I'm afraid to take drugs and embarrass myself or just plain pass out at the meetings. AND, this was my first plane trip in over 2 years. So when I say the two days of travel felt like 68492 days, it really was in my mind.

I was pretty proud of my "liquids bag." That thing was SCREAMIN, but I made it work! 

When I travel in a car, I have a "snack bag" along with a jumbo purse, my luggage in the trunk, and my computer bag (and maybe a cooler, depending on who I'm traveling with!). I actually did get a compliment from a co-worker, saying this trip was the lightest he had ever seen me pack!

And after a quick day back in the office Friday, my puppy was sick Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning :( 

Let's clarify - he's not a puppy, not even close. He's 12 and a half. He's old, and he's my life. So when he gets sick and acts just slightly abnormal I tend to freak out. He's had a rough couple of years with tummy issues, but has been doing much better lately. So when he got sick and refused to lay down, my plans to watch the move I've been waiting to see for 2 years fell through. Thankfully, Coop seems to be back to 100% now.

Yeah, I'm a Superman dork. I even had a friend lined up to go with me! But, I stayed home and watched my pup all weekend (yeah I'm paranoid). And as this week is shaping up, I'm not going to have the opportunity to go until Saturday (stupid grown up duties) - so I'm closing my eyes to all social media that may spoil it for me!!

And, if I have any followers, does anyone know etiquette on who you invite to a bridal shower? Def not for me - my sister - and she wants to invite almost every single woman she is inviting to the wedding. Do you really need to invite someone you haven't seen or been in contact with in several years? I understand it's a family/childhood friend, but inviting them to the shower seems like you are begging for another gift - am I wrong??

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