May 14, 2014

Blogger Swap

Today I'm linking up to reveal the results of my latest blogger swap. 

Brew Mama

From time to time I find these swaps, and I decide to join in. it's a great way to meet new bloggers, it's always fun to get something in the mail, and it's even more fun to shop and send a package of goodies to someone!

I entered the Diva swap (because fitness is the absolute last thing on my mind), and I was paired with Lindsay from Cowboy Boots and an Apron. She got married the weekend before we were paired up, and from what I could tell from instagram, it was an awesome wedding! She isn't blogging much these days but you can find her on instagram here. A real sweetie, with a love for Kiki LaRue and her two furbabies. 

The Diva swap was open to anything for the swap, and as I discovered quickly, Lindsay shared my love of notebooks, post-its, and pens. It turns out I shipped her some of the same things she shipped me!

See that super cute tissue paper? That's what she packaged my gifts in. It was wrapped all nice and cute, and I felt like such a smuck for using the smallest box possible, and using airbags for packing material with zero concern for presentation. And this is strange, because if you know me, any gift you get from me will be the best wrapped gift in the room. Note to self - make future boxes look cute.

Anyway, it was full of fun stuff!!
I LOVE notepads and post-its. I don't know where she found the puzzle piece, but it's perfect! I can't wait to use it.

Pens in fun colors, and that write amazingly. 

And the essentials - nail polish, snacks, and a mason jar for my drink. 

Not pictured was a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. That was the biggest thing for me - I LOVE getting and reading magazines, but I won't spend the money on them. I can't wait to sit on the patio and enjoy reading it. 

Overall it was great getting to know Lindsay, and a super fun swap. Thanks to Candra and Alicia for hosting such a fun swap - I can't wait to do it again! 


  1. The Goldfish.... I wanted those kind so bad the other day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oooh looks like a fun box. agree that these boxes are such a fun way to meet other bloggers and i love getting fun stuff in the mail too :)