Apr 15, 2014

More Gardening

Last week as I was writing my post about planting my garden, I realized I screwed it up. So this past weekend I decided to fix that, and I may have gone a little overboard at Lowe's.

The screw up was on the planting of the carrots. Although the garden is raised, you are supposed to make the carrot square even taller by building it up. I didn't do this the first year I gardened and the carrots were very short and small. Last year I mounded the dirt up and the carrots were one of my best harvests. Problem was, I didn't have anymore carrot seeds. So I went to Lowe's for those seeds, my potato and onion starters, and some yard waste bags. $50 later I was at home with lots more than that. 

The one square full of dirt is for the carrots. The other two squares that have sides, but aren't full of dirt are where I planted potatoes. As the potatoes grow and the sprouts come out of the dirt, I will cover up with more soil. I will do this until the little box is full to the top with dirt. I have no idea what this actually does, but I read it online, and it worked wonders for my potatoes last year.

Since clearly I bought more than the 4 items I actually went to Lowe's for, I went to town on my herb garden. For whatever reason I like my herbs in a smaller container on my patio. I can move them around from sun to shade, and it's a lot more convenient to walk a few steps out the door to get some when I'm cooking. 

The large container on the right has flat leaf parsley (the seedling I planted), along with basil. The smaller container on the left has oregano, dill, and cilantro. The small potted plant is catnip. What can I say, I'll buy anything for my furbabies. And finally I split all of my aloe plants and put the largest ones in the planter on the left. Also, I have no idea why I bought the flat leaf parsley as a seedling, and planted the others from seeds. Seemed like the thing to do. . . . I've grown basil, oregano and cilantro from seeds every year. 

Yesterday it was windy as hell, and it was supposed to storm, so I put the herbs and the planter under an overhang of my house. The aloe didn't fit, so I put it under my patio table. This morning the aloe was not a happy camper :( It was frozen and covered with snow. The herbs were OK, but I brought everything in. I know it was only out there for about 3 hours like that because I got up to let Cooper out at 4AM and they were fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the aloe survives. It is such a beautiful plant. 

By then my nails were disgusting, and I figured I might as well mow the lawn. And then after I mowed, it was apparent I had snow mold and the entire yard needed a good raking. I got the side yard done and was over it. I spent the rest of Sunday relaxing on my patio with my pup.

I feel like planting the garden is a sure sign spring is here (until today). Anyone else gardening this spring??


  1. Yes I can't wait to garden, since it was 38 last night I'm so glad I didn't start last weekend like I wanted to!

    I love the idea of putting herbs in containers, I may try that this summer!

  2. I need to do yard work this weekend.

    I keep my planting until after mother's day. I do my herbs in containers because I have no ground area.