Nov 5, 2013

Halloween Recap

I'm only a few days late for my Halloween recap. . . . 

SIDE NOTE: For whatever reason, I have a heck of a time uploading pictures and getting them formatted to look like I want them to. I need to look into some kind of program that I can use, but I only have a work computer so I don't have the freedom to download anything I want. I do have a personal computer - it's a Mac from 2006 and it's still running . . . v e r y  s l o w l y. And after the HVAC this summer, this girl has no plans for a new one anytime soon (unless I hit the lotto!) So any advice on a picture program is much appreciated.

OK enough ranting, now onto Halloween - pretty close to my favorite holiday. 

It started on Wednesday night with pumpkin carving.

This is a re-post from Instagram.( Follow me at @srjones03) 

I LOVE carving pumpkins - and being creative about it. I read some articles on different tools to use for different types of carving. The second I read Power Drill I knew I was in! And you always have to drink a beer while pumpkin carving. And Cooper had to sneak in on the picture. 

Pumpkin carving was always a "dad" thing. And my dad was super busy starting a company and supporting the family - he didn't do a lot of things with us. So pumpkin carving has a special place in my heart. The rule was that we couldn't carve them until the night before Halloween (we didn't want them to rot). And you had to draw out any designs you wanted to do on the newspaper first, then dad must approve. And living on the Ohio/Michigan line meant you had to bring the pumpkin in the house for one full day before carving or you risked carving a frozen pumpkin. So of course, I followed all of those rules to a T. I guess I broke the rules by drinking beer - def didn't do that as a child!

And they turned out great!
Pay no attention to my messy garage - heavy rain and strong winds had me hibernating in the garage for the duration of Trick-Or-Treat. And put Christmas lights around tall drinking glasses to keep them lit up in the wind, and give them lots of light. Pinterest for the WIN!

I'm not 100% happy with the "Power Drill" pumpkin, but it's something different. I need to remember the drill for my planning next year.

And me being the fur-mommy that I am, I dress up all of the animals for the occasion. But, mother nature mixed things up, and the city decided to move up Trick-Or-Treat time by a half hour. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but when I had approximately 20 mins to get everything set up once I got off work, it was. (Pumpkins, music, lanterns, candy, chair, drink . . ) And then after sitting the garage with wind blowing cold rain in and a few beers I didn't have the energy to try and get the cats dressed. 

But, Cooper always has himself made up. The Mohawk just lends itself to a great biker dude costume.

That red hair spiky stuff is no joke. His hair stands in the position until I wash it out with lots of baby shampoo. But he's a ham and he loves the attention (doesn't like the jacket much, but will do anything for a treat). And I love how he looks like a cute little puppy in these pictures (as opposed to the almost 13 year old man that he is).

So Halloween wasn't the greatest this year, but as always I enjoyed it. Normally the neighbors and I have a bonfire, make spiked hot cider, and hang out until way after Trick-Or-Treat is over. Not this year - the poor kids were soaked to the bone. But there is always next year, and more pumpkins to design and carve! 

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! 


  1. Taking the drill to the pumpkin is GENIUS! And I hope you're having a better week. :)

    1. Thanks Holly - hope you enjoy your week at the beach (with a little work mixed in!)

  2. Wow you are serious about your pumpkin carving! Looks like so much fun though!

    1. Yeah - something I really enjoy to do, so I figure why not go all out? Thanks for reading!

  3. I seriously can't wait to tell me husband you can carve pumpkins with a power drill! He complains every year about the stupid little carving cutter tools! So doing that next year!