Apr 10, 2014

I Survived Another Flight & Thursday Thoughts

As I'm sure you all know, I hate flying with a passion. Unfortunately for me, I had to fly just about a month ago, and then I had to do it again on Monday and Tuesday of this week. YUCK!

The good news is that I survived. The bad news is that my life got thrown off for the entire week and I didn't get to blog when I wanted to. I am seriously the worst (airplane) traveler ever. I freak out about how all of my stuff (and me) is covered with germs, and I obsess about it. By the time I get back from a trip, I have to lysol wipe everything and take a long, hot shower. Then of course it's late at night and I don't get enough sleep. Then the next day I am tired, and well, you get it. 

But I am back today and actually pretty proud of how I handled the flights. I was super anxious and nervous prior to, but once the plane took off I was able to calm myself down rather quickly. This is a big step because typically I am sweating and freaking out for the whole flight. 

One thing I really struggle with while I travel is eating healthy. I am so nervous to eat from a restaurant that I have never eaten at before for fear that it won't agree with me. This means that I will typically get some sort of fast food that I know is OK with my stomach. I know - not good. But on the way out Tuesday night, I wanted a beer, and clearly Chick-fil-A isn't serving me one of those! I went to a sit down restaurant that I have never heard of, but there was a super healthy option for dinner.

Grilled chicken on a whole wheat bun, with sweet potato fries. 

Then of course, I come home to a house with no fresh groceries, or prepped food, and continue to eat poorly. Not only does this hurt my waistline, but my April Wallet Watch as well. I will have a full recap of how I did on May 6th. I can guarantee there were some violations this week.

In other news, I was able to get my cold weather veggies planted over the weekend. I planted two types of Romaine Lettuce, carrots, and spinach. I still want to plant onions and potatoes, but I have to go buy the starters for those (hopefully after work today). And then mid-May I will plant all of the warm weather veggies.

Planted and ready to grow!

I built the raised garden bed 2 springs ago. This will be my third year doing my veggies. All I did to prep the soil this year was till it all up, and remove any nasty weeds that somehow grow through the landscape fabric and cardboard I have at the bottom of the garden. Then I re-squared the box with twine.

I plant the "vine" veggies on the back row, where they can grow up the trellis (chicken wire).


Finally, I want to announce that SuzeSteph and I will be hosting a "Back in My Day" one time linkup on April 22nd. This is the first linkup I have ever sponsored and I'm super excited. Perfect timing too, because I will be home for Easter a few days before and plan to dig out those amazingly embarrassing photo albums. Be sure to dig out your pictures and link up with us! 



  1. Many years ago I would love to fly but in the last 10 years... I am always a nervous wreck the day before and the day of that I need to fly! Then I reached my destination and wonder... that wasn't so bad! :)

  2. i'm so excited for the linkup! my draft is already done boom boom pow :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I'm proud of you flying well! Hopefully I can tap into your skills in a month and a half when I fly to France. Also, I commend your gardening skills. I don't keep plants well. I wish I could!