Apr 22, 2014

Back In My Day


Suze from Straight on the Ground found some great pics from back in the day, and decided to do a linkup so we could all share our awkward phase(s). Join Suze, Steph from Life According to Steph and I and share those awesome 80's and 90's pics!!

I was born in 1983, so late 80's/early 90's was my childhood. I was definitely more than an awkward kid. 

Yes, that's me on the left - ready for my first day of 6th grade! 

Luckily right before freshman year of high school (1997-1998) my parents decided I could get contacts, and I ditched those huge glasses. Of course, that didn't stop me from being a huge dork. Freshman - early junior year all I did was study and swim. I had friends, but we didn't do the normal "cool" things that all the popular kids did. Pretty much we hung in one of our friend's room, listened to CDs, and flipped through BOP and other similar magazines. Of course we would then cut out all of the "cool" words and decorate our notebooks. And all of the JTT posters were up on the wall of my bedroom (I know I have a pic of this and I couldn't find it!)  

Oh, and as a freshman, I got to go to Disney World for the first time ever. So of course I acted like a kid, and did all the pictures and all of the rides and all of the nerdy stuff.

Gotta love the choker! 

I studied a lot, read a lot, swam a lot, and continued to be shy little Stephanie for the first two and a half years of high school. I actually hung out more with my little sister those years than my own friends. Junior year I came out of my shell a little bit and widened my friend base. This included going to dances (I never went to a dance until the Spring Formal dance my Junior year - DORK ALERT). And in true 90's style, we piled that hair on top of our heads while we danced the night away!

I'm on the left, rocking some awesome bangs!

By senior year, I was pretty close to being one of the "cool" kids. This of course, was all due to the fact that I was dating a hockey player, and he was "cool." Either way, I loved it. I even got the courage to paint the high school rock one night. What? You didn't have a high school rock that was spray painted in the middle of the night? 

First and only time my name was ever on this rock. I was super proud. And I remember it actually stayed up for a few days before it was painted over.

The thing to do back then was drive around all night. You didn't want to be at anyone's house where parents could cramp your style. What style I'm not sure. . . all we ever did was sit around and listen to music. Most of the time we didn't have enough money to really do anything (although the occasional glow bowling game did occur). We would drive around town for hours, then go to Meijer at midnight and run through the store. Typically we would then buy junk food, and eat it in the car while driving around some more. I distinctly remember getting in trouble for putting 300+ miles on the car in one night (yes, because my dad was the one checking the miles each time I drove). 

I did have a cell phone, but it was technically my dad's, and I only got to take it when I was driving. It was the kind of cell phone that could only be powered on when you were making a call. It didn't have a good enough battery to be left on. I got phone privileges after I got lost on the way to The Toledo Museum of Art, and stopped at a McDonald's to use a payphone and call my dad. I answered his question of what streets I was near, and he calmly told me to get in the car drive down 3 miles, and call him back from a different pay phone. Ever since then the cell phone was with me while I was driving.

Then came prom. We only had one prom at my school - senior year. I remember the importance of finding the PERFECT dress, and getting one of these horrible pictures taken.

Completing the ensemble with white gloves worn by both parties.

I was more than happy when high school was over. College was a MUCH better time for me in every aspect. I actually have lots of pictures from college (they were pretty scarce from high school). I will leave you with this gem - a picture of me at my dorm room right after move in. I love the juice box on the desk . . . clearly it was my very first day on campus!!

What were things like back in your day? Make sure link up and let us know!!


  1. omg aren't those prom pics awesome? when i look back at my prom pics, i laugh every time and think WHAT WAS I THINKING?! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Yes yes yes to driving around all night.

    I love that you had a rock to spray paint! We didn't have that.

    I only went to my 9th grade dance and my senior prom (hated getting dressed up/dancing, still do) and God I looked atrocious.

  3. omg I am loving these photos!! White gloves even!!

  4. JTT was my man!!!!! I had a posted of him on my wall too. Me and my friends did the same things....sitting around listening to music, dreaming about boys in magazines, and cutting out cute stuff from them to put on our locker decor and notebooks!

  5. Bahahaha... oh my... those white gloves! That is PRICELESS!!!!!!!

  6. Your pictures are amazing! I love your fancy prom clothes! Our school didn't have a rock, but a rival school did and we'd paint it with our school's mascot and colors. I mean, I never did, but football players did. :)

  7. I loved JTT. Even though I would have been robbing the cradle. haha those white gloves, straight legit. haha I graduated early and didn't get to go to prom. I keep telling my husband he can throw me a surprise one. I usually get the side eye. ha

  8. All I did was drive around all night too. $5 for gas, and that was a night on the town. :) Sometimes we'd go to steak n shake for cheese fries.

  9. I love the white gloves!!! And what is it with cheesy prom backdrops for photos!? Every high school plagued with those dreadful backdrops! Lol