Feb 26, 2014

Random Wednesday

I'm going to write about some random stuff today - you have been warned!

First, do you ever read something on a blog and think, "that's an awesome idea, I should do that!" and then completely forget the details and where to find them? Yeah that's me. I know I should probably just pin the stuff right then and there, but my pinterest boards are so unorganized I hate looking for something on it. I need to change that. But in the meantime I've started a random "notes" notebook. I tabbed it out for work and personal, and I'm just writing down anything I want to remember and may need to reference later. I still probably won't be able to find it, but when I write something down it sticks in my head. And the front is full of sticky note reminders and to-dos. I like this book because it's slim but big enough, fits perfectly in my purse, and isn't heavy.


Second, what the hell mother nature?! I really can't handle any more cold and snow. It was GORGEOUS on Saturday and now it just sucks. Plus, there are cute spring things in all of the stores - how can I buy and use them when you are blasting arctic air on me?

Third, why do I never remember to bring real silverware to work? It is SUCH a pain eating a salad with a plastic fork. I need to bring in a set and just leave it here. Of course that opens up the germ issues . . . I'm not sure if I could get them clean enough in our break room. In fact, I have a strict rule of avoiding that break room at all costs. 

And yes, that is the inside of my hard boiled egg. I love hard boiled eggs, but only the whites.

Fourth, I have to fly to Chicago on Monday evening for work. I spend all day Tuesday in a meeting and then fly back Tuesday evening. WHY?! I don't mind going to our corporate office in Chicago, but give me a couple of days there so I can justify a car ride. I HATE flying and am already freaking myself out. The last flight I was on was in June and I had a massive meltdown panic attack. I made it, but barely. I hate putting myself through that crap!

Fifth, I spring cleaned my office yesterday and feel a million times better about sitting here all day. Now I want to spring clean my entire house. I sat on the couch last night looking at the walls and decided some fresh paint and art on the walls is needed NOW. True story: I moved into my house in October of 2008, and said I would hang art when I was moved in a "settled." It's 5 years later and there still isn't anything on ANY of the walls downstairs. And I have a ton of artwork. So painting and hanging are high on the list for my next weekend project.

Everything wiped clean, no more sticky notes or stray papers. 

Speaking of weekends, this weekend is packed for me. I typically enjoy a lazy Saturday morning with a good breakfast. Then I work on a project in the house or garage or shed. Sunday is my crazy day with errands and cleaning and laundry and meal prep. This week is going to be WAY thrown off. Saturday I have a baby shower (and I can't wait to show you what I did for a gift), and Sunday is the Olympics at my local bar. This will be the third year for the Olympics, and it's a LONG day full of craziness and fun. I don't participate, I run the show - tell everyone when to play what, keep track of the score, hand out the trophy etc. I will do a full recap next week. Right now I'm still working on completing the trophy.

OK I think that's enough randomness for now. Anyone else have a random thought they want to share??


  1. Oh that Olympics sounds way fun! Hope it's way fun for you, even though it sounds like a lot of work.

    I also HATE to fly and would HATE to fly to Chicago, I think. I don't like the ascent and I don't like the descent, and that's probably all that flight is. Hope you can enjoy anyhow!

    I use those little notebooks too. They're everywhere and without them, I wouldn't be the lady I am today- a mildly organized lady pretending to be really organized. :)

  2. The Olympics sounds awesome.

    Yes yes yes why don't I keep a set of real silverware at work? I hate the stupid plastic silverware that never cuts.

    I carry a notebook with me too!

  3. i really need to spring clean my desk too. it's a MESS so that's on the agenda for this weekend!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda