Feb 19, 2014

Family Weekend (The Detailed Version)

So Thursday afternoon I headed to my parents with a VERY fully loaded car. Once I arrived, my mom and I spent about 2 hours packing all of the food, dishes, utensils, etc. for the weekend. 

See part of the fun of this weekend is the eating and drinking together as a family. Plus, it's WAY cheaper to bring and cook stuff than go out to eat every meal. We had LOTS of good food and snacks, and enjoyed every min of that family time. But man is packing for it a bitch! This place was new for us, so I had no idea what to expect in the kitchen - I ended up packing many dishes/tools I didn't need, but always better to be prepared! (I still haven't unpacked those boxes - they are sitting on my kitchen table).

Friday morning we woke up, packed another 6 zillion things in the car, and started the 4.5 hour trek up north. It was old school family trip style. Mom and dad, sister and me, and dog.

Coop enjoying mom's lap on the ride up, with dad at the wheel.

We arrived, and proceeded to unpack the 6 zillion things (including 2 snowmobiles). Then my brother and his family arrived about 3 hours later, needing his 3 zillion things unpacked (including another snowmobile). Friday evening was spent eating pizza, and drinking, with a trip to the pool for the kiddos. 

Saturday began the real adventure - RIDING. 

If you have never gone snowmobiling, you really should try it! 

Saturday also included a trip to the sledding hill, a trip to the swimming pool, lots of eating, a few movies, and an epic game of Apples to Apples. 

My dad ended up winning. He had absolutely no idea what was going on. And listening to him be the judge was a hysterical. 

Sunday followed with more of the same, and it was absolutely amazing. I actually went out on a huge lake that was totally frozen solid. I've never even had the opportunity to do that before because the lake was never frozen solid. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time. Also very cool that you could hold down the throttle all the way and zoom around in the big open area. 

Dad and I in the top right, me with the lake behind me in the lower left. Beautiful scenery the whole weekend.

We wrapped up Sunday with more drinking and talking, along with some awesome popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie. Then Monday morning we were up and at em packing the zillions of things up again!

This trip was a first for us. I mean we have all gone snowmobiling before, but we had never gone together as a family like this. February has become the worst month for my Mom. Two years ago her sister passed, and then last year my Grandma took her fall that would send her in a downward spiral. We all wanted to get together with mom and surround her with love this weekend, and I'm 100% sure we succeeded. There were so many laughs, and just really good family time - something all of us needed. It's hard to get together and enjoy each other's company when you have busy lives and live hundreds of miles apart. This weekend we were able to do exactly that. I can honestly say I have never drank with my brother (other than a beer or two). Even Cooper had a great time - relaxing on the couch and getting extra attention.

I don't know if we will do this every year, but it sure was fun this year! So, have any of you ever gone snowmobiling??


  1. Never gone snowmobiling! I would definitely try it but I'd be super scared to go out on the frozen lake. Sounds like a really fun weekend!

  2. i have never been - the one time i tried to go the damn snowmobile broke, wah! so we screwed around on the sleds but that wasn't nearly as fun as the snowmobile would have been.

    sounds like a fantastic weekend!

    Vodka and Soda