Feb 20, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who . . . A Linkup!

I just discovered Holly at Hey Hollywood and not only loved her idea for a linkup, I automatically love her because she lives in Columbus and is a Buckeye Fan!!

So I'm a day late on this, but it seemed appropriate since I really haven't written much about myself. 

*** over thinks EVERYTHING (and subsequently worries).

*** has to shower FIRST THING every morning.

*** is obsessive about my dental health.

*** puts shoes back in the box for storage (after every wearing).

*** can't sleep if there is anything on the floor of the bedroom (stuff that shit in the closet!).

*** would prefer to spend all day everyday with animals (especially mine).

*** will always watch Back to the Future (any of them) if I find them on TV.

*** misses swimming and the feel of the water more than anything.

*** is surprised where life has taken me in the past 30 years.

*** is a huge introvert, and must have my alone time.

*** swears way to much.

*** hates germs and sick people - to the point of not leaving the house during flu season.

*** will always hit the curb when going through the drive through at the bank.

*** is ready to join the "married couple" world, but refuses to settle for anything less than my soul mate.

*** needs to learn how to do cool things with my blog and apologizes for the lack of pictures in this post! 

So what kinda girl are you??


  1. are you an engineer of some sort??? many of your traits reminds me of my hubby's and he is an engineer and thinks like one! :)

  2. I love these posts, I did one long ago for a link up and loved reading them all then!

    I'm the kind of girl who doesn't do her hair, will never turn down a Philly soft pretzel, can't relax until everything that needs to be done is done, laughs really loudly, paints her nails every week, does not run even if someone is chasing her.

  3. i'd so rather be with animals all day too :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  4. I'm a wicked introvert as well. I am 100% content with staying inside on the weekends. And I love your line about refusing to settle for less than your soul mate. We all deserve that and I know that yours is out there for you! xoxo

  5. I hit the curb a lot when I'm driving. My kids are usually like, "Why do you always hit stuff?" I say, "Look, at least it's not a person. I am not Halle Berry."

  6. i swear WAY too much. i am looking forward to the day i can swear around my child (when she's much older ie. an adult) because i can't talk how i normally talk! saying "that guy is so silly!" just isn't as satisfying as "that guy is a fucking dick biscuit!!"

    Vodka and Soda