Jul 17, 2013

24 Hours???

I can not believe there are still 24 hours in a day. It feels more like 10 these days. . . . 

I seriously can't find time to do ANYTHING all of a sudden. Work isn't crazy busy (yet) but somehow the days just go faster and faster. 

In true Stephanie fashion, I will blame this on anyone other than myself. . . . 

1. The lawn is growing too quickly. WAY too many days of super soaking rain, then several days of scorching sun made the lawn grow like a 15 year old boy. This means every third day I get to spend a few hours after work mowing my lawn and then scrubbing the allergies off in the shower. By the time I'm done with all of this I'm almost too tired to eat dinner. Almost.

2. My sister's wedding is 92 days away. Suddenly shit is getting real. And of course, I have volunteered to "create" about 26 things for this wedding. Guess I better get started.

3. My sister's wedding is 92 days away. I guess I should start caring about what I'm going to look like in my dress. At least she picked a dress that flatters me (I think) and is dark colored. Still, I should try and not look like a marshmallow (although honestly, at this point it's too late).

(Mine is floor length, color is "cranberry" and I totally 86ed the rose thing)

4. My car decided to hate me. Bad noises are coming from it. After talking to several guys, including my father, it was determined I needed new tires. I can buy that - I just turned 51,000 miles. $600 and 4 tires later, it's still making a bad noise. (Don't worry - I have asked several people to drive with me and the noise is totally real and not in my head!) A car is kind of important in my world, so I've got to devote some time to solving this problem. 

5. My 30th birthday is nearing and I want to do something epic. Problem is, I have to determine exactly what I would like to do. Is sleeping through the night without obsessively thinking of stuff I have to do an option? Oh that's called getting wasted - OK - I'll take one of those.

So there you have it. Several excuses why I can't blog in a timely fashion (because let's be honest, if you want excuses I can go on for days). Maybe once I get a good night's sleep I will be able to something other than my chores after work.  

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