May 23, 2013

A Little Craftiness

I love artsy crafty projects. I actually started as a Graphic Design Major, but I can assure you, that's not what I do now. The closest I get to creative at work involves me putting up a new border on a bulletin board.

My friend's daughter is graduating from High School this week (yes, most of my friends are in their late 40s - early 50s). I offered to make a picture board and a banner for the party. I love doing things like this, and it makes me forget about the real world while I fully emerge myself in my studio.

My studio was a shed when I bought my house. It had a regular door (not barn doors), and a window, but I honestly didn't even look in it until I had purchased the home. I had a 2 car garage for just me, so that was more than enough - the shed was just a bonus. 

To my great surprise, the shed was fully wired with electricity - had a huge light, some shelving, and had framework for drywall. One wall was completely covered in pegboard (as is every wall inside my garage), and there was a small wobbly home-made table in one corner. 

Well, long story short, after I had lived there about a year, a friend and I converted it into my studio. We insulated, installed drywall, put built in tables that run the length of two walls (which are at a "Stephanie" height - perfectly placed so when I stand it's comfortable to work), and put in flooring. It took several months, working for an hour or two after work, but now it's amazing. 

I have TONS of art supplies and things to craft. I have 3 scrapbooks that are in-process, and I have a pinterest board full of ideas, but I don't find much time to get out there and really play around. So I jumped at the chance to work on the graduation party stuff. 

I will have to get pictures of the overall shed later. But for now, here are a few of my current projects - which must be complete tomorrow night - since the party is Saturday.


Chances are, I won't get back to blog-land until after the holiday. I'm going to my parents for the weekend, and those trips are always SUPER busy - every minute of my life is scheduled out to see someone. Slightly frustrating, since they could always come visit me! But it sure will be good to see everyone - especially my grandma!!

And here is a cute pic of Coop chomping on his new duck toy - he was so good at the vet for his blood draw he deserved it! 

Everyone have a great weekend and fantastic Memorial Day!!

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