Sep 3, 2014


It is always at the most inopportune moments that life throws the curve balls my way. But I guess if it weren't an inopportune time, it really wouldn't be that much of a curve ball. 

Suddenly, the end of August and most of my September have become full of travel dates. I'm not so sure how I feel about this. Considering I've already done one trip, and the mess that is my house hasn't recovered, I think it's going to be a long month. 

The good news is, the more things I have to do, the better I get with time management, and overall I accomplish much more. Case in point - I will be blogging on the regular. 

For now my brain looks and feels like this:

I complained to my mom last night that I didn't want to be a grown up and have to make decisions anymore. I then quickly realized that I'm 31 years old and it's a good thing to have to make decisions. Although, it really doesn't make them any easier. **Side note** My mom immediately pointed out the fact that I'm thinking positively. Something that wouldn't have happened even a year ago. I also would have never considered this decision for a second because of my anxiety. Maybe I am making steps in the right direction!

I am a creature of habit. Growing up, twice a year we would move our bedroom furniture around. By the time I got to about 8 years old, I asked my mom if I could just leave it one way. I've lived in my house now for 6 years, and never have I moved the furniture (other than to make room for the Christmas tree). I don't like change. So that makes decisions that will create big changes even harder. 

For now, I have a big decision to make. In true Stephanie fashion, I created lists - pros and cons. And I'm trying to convince myself that CHANGE IS GOOD. 

How do you handle change? Love it or hate it?


  1. change, while hard to adapt at first, is actually good! i welcome change :) you never know what great things will come from changing things up.

  2. Change can be both good and bad depending on the situation. Unfortunately, all we can do is accept it and hope for the best. It's not so hard to adapt, though and most of the time, change is for the better... :)