Oct 16, 2013

So What! Wednesday. . . .

This week I'm linking up for So What! Wednesday . . . 

So what if . . . 

  • I'm trying my hardest not to listen to any news. I just can take how childish this shutdown has gotten.
  • I got a "happy light." This light is supposed to emit whatever is in the sun that makes you feel good. I get a serious "I don't want to do anything" attitude when it's gray for a few days. Hoping this will change that!
  • I have a strong desire to cook every cold weather recipe I know of. One fall day and I'm ready to bust out the flannels and hunker down for the winter.
  • I'm really nervous to leave my dog and cats while I'm traveling for work. Normally they stay with my parents when I'm gone, but they are going to be in Florida. I still don't 100% know where they will go. . . 
  • I haven't checked one thing off my fall bucket list. I still have a whole month right?
  • I'm excited for Thanksgiving at my parents this year. As much as I love entertaining, I love their HUGE kitchen and awesome appliances more (I always cook no matter where it is).
  • I have 13 things on my list this week, it's already Wednesday, and I've only accomplished 2. 

What are you saying So What! to this week?


  1. I heard some little birdie is getting anew blog design! :)

    1. I'm so excited - I hope then I will look like a "real" blogger - hahahaha!