Jul 19, 2013

Another Finish the Sentence Linkup

I can't seem to pass these up, even though I really don't have great answers this time . . . 


If I had one extra hour in the day . . . I would love to say I would workout, or make myself look good in the morning, but let's be honest, I would use it to sleep!

I wish my name . . . was a household name. Not in a celebrity way, but more in a "she invented peanut butter" kind of way. Why not? 

I think anything chevron is . . . associated with SkinnyMeg

My last nightmare . . . was nutso! The medicine I'm on for my anxiety makes me dream some insane stuff. Lately all of the dreams have been revolving around my sister's wedding. Last night was a scary bachlorette party. Nuf said.
Sometimes . . . I wish I were closer (geographically) to my family. Don't get me wrong - 150 miles isn't far, but sometimes it would be nice to be right around the corner.

My last meal on earth would be . . . deep fried with extra bacon, an ice cold beer and jumbo ice cream cone. Pretty much anything that's going to taste delicious and make me feel like crap 20 mins later.

I would much rather . . . do anything crafty than sit behind a computer all day. Sometimes the computer can be used for craftiness, but I'm a hands on artsy person. 

Mayonnaise . . . is the shit. MUST have to make a sandwich. 

10 years ago, I didn't think . . . I wouldn't be married to Pat. At that point we had been in a relationship for 4 years and were livin the live at OSU. 

Selfishly . . . I will always ask my dad to mow my lawn when he's in town. I really do hate mowing the lawn that much. 

My favorite show on TV right now . . . isn't anything. Not a reality TV fan, and I'm still obsessed with movie channels, having never had them before in my life. So if I have time, I'm watching something without commercials! 

And, George Zimmerman . . . . should stop being talked about. Is that seriously all the media can focus on these days? It's over for now - move on! 

I know - not super interesting this time. But maybe you have some good answers - if so go linkup!!

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