Jun 20, 2013

My Garden, A Bark Box, and An Injury

Does anyone else have a garden? This is my second year attempting my own veggies, and it's already going much better. All of a sudden I had a TON of romaine and spinach. I planned my dinner Monday around the garden, and then I discovered that someone enjoyed my spinach while I was at work. Out of 4 plants this is how many leaves I was left with:

The good news is that the "heart" of the plant was left. And since Monday night (when I put up the Fort Knox of chicken wire around the garden) the spinach is growing back. I guess I learned my lesson - Peter Cottontail will come steal your veggies!!

I did get to enjoy some of the romaine. I grilled a seasoned chicken breast, tore up some of my fresh lettuce, and threw some carrots on top. It was seriously the best dinner I have had in a long time. The lettuce was so tender and fresh I almost didn't need dressing (but my inner fatty demanded the ranch). 

And I just recently discovered how to make the collage pictures on my phone, so I may currently be obsessed. 

Next up - the monthly Bark Box. Have you heard of it?? A subscription gets you a box full of goodies delivered to your door each month. A portion of the cost goes to shelters, and everything that is in the box is made in the USA and only all natural ingredients. It really is fun because I have no idea what's going to show up each month. And some of Coop's favorite toys have come in the box. 

So I attempted to get a picture of him with his box to send in, so his picture could be featured on their facebook page. This is the best I got:

Apparently that big bone was a little tempting. . . . And Luthor had to inspect everything too

Obviously there is something good in there!

And for the final randomness of today's post, I don't know how to walk. I mean I know I have some eye issues (basically blind, no night vision, and bad depth perception) but in the past 3 days my eyes have been telling my brain I don't have a left leg. 

Two separate injuries, two days apart. The scratch on the bottom is from my couch - I reupholstered it about 4 years ago, and there was a stray staple sticking out of the corner. Of course my eyes told me I wasn't as close as I was so I ran right into it. 

Then last night, I was organizing my garage (obsessive I know) and walked way too close to the car and crashed my leg into the part of the bumper where the license plate sticks out. So now my obsessive anxiety ridden mind is saying, "Is there something wrong with your eyes making you think you don't have a left leg?" Or, "Do you have a brain tumor throwing your body off balance?" Or maybe, "You are a HUGE klutz!!"

Either way, my left leg hurts! Enough randomness for now, hopefully things will slow down at work so I can get my brain back!

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