May 20, 2014

May 20th???

I seriously do not know where time goes. 

The day starts and I feel great about what I'm going to accomplish. I have lists and I have goals that I need to make some progress towards, and I'm ready to kick some ass. 

By the time I arrive to the office, I usually have about 30 emails to go through from the night before. So I enjoy my breakfast while I deal with that, and before I know it, it's time for our daily meeting at 9AM. 

For whatever reason after that meeting until lunch time seems to disappear right before my eyes. I honestly don't know how this happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

One email leads to another issue to another issue and so on. I feel like I have ADD the way I bounce around things at work. But I feel that's part of the job - deal with it as it comes up. 

Anyway, the point of this post is that I need to find a way to keep on schedule everyday, and still put out all the fires that pop up. 

And along those lines is blogging. The past two weekends, along with my evenings after work, have been booked 110%. This weekend - NOTHING. The goal is to get caught up on everything (including housework - yuck!) 

I love blogging and all of the people that I have met so far. I am going to continue to work on this blog and do my best to have regular posts. Just don't expect it until next week. I found out yesterday afternoon I have to make a trip to Cincinnati on Thursday. 

Until next week, I leave you with a diaper cake I made for a friend's baby shower. This is my third time making it. It's not has hard and time consuming as you would think. Next time I will take pictures of the process so I can do a tutorial. And I'm 100% sure there will be a next time, since all I seem to do these days is go to baby showers and kids birthday parties. 

Have you ever made a diaper cake before? For whatever reason, I don't like the 4-wheeler for girls. Do you have a version of a diaper cake that's good for girls? 


  1. i hear you on the crazy schedule and blogging. these days it's been pretty tough for me to crank out posts and i find myself struggling with it too. take a break and love the diaper cake :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm not struggling getting the blog posts out, but I am struggling to reply to comments and to get all of my must reads in. I wish you a productive yet restful weekend!

  3. Oh that's super cute! I love it.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Sounds like you've been super busy! I feel that way too. I'm trying hard to keep my next few weekends free to spend with my baby before I take my students to France.

    And crazy coincidence- I *just* published my post for the day before I read this and I talked about putting out fires at work too! We are soul friends. :)