May 6, 2014

Hello There!

After a super crazy weekend I'm back among the land of normal. I actually even read some blogs today and left comments! 

My job is kind of crazy, and when stuff happens, life stops and I have to deal with it. Unfortunately that happened Friday night. Normally it's not a big deal, but it was especially crappy this weekend because my parents were in town. We were wrapping up dinner when I got the call. It didn't really ruin Friday night, because we almost done eating, but I knew it was going to screw up Saturday. 

My parents came in town to help me with yard work. I have a TON of flowerbeds and mulch, and I HATE doing all of the work myself. I was going to hire someone to do it this year, but my dad (being the yard work nut that he is) said he would come down one weekend and help me. My mom said she was coming too just to see me. So I had an awesome Saturday planned, starting with an amazing homemade breakfast for us. 

I woke up early and started my work, not to get done until 11:30. So, breakfast was not made by me, and my parents did half of the yard without me. Luckily I have the most fantastic parents ever, and they understood, but it still sucked. I was able to get outside and help them for a couple of hours before they headed back to their place. While typically they stay the entire weekend and never have a set time to leave, they had to leave by 3PM Saturday because of a golf tournament my dad had to play in early Sunday morning. So while I sat at the kitchen table working feverishly, they were out moving mulch. 

I have to do something really amazing to pay them back for this. They really aren't the kind of people you can buy a gift for. I'm headed home in two weeks for a baby shower, and I was thinking of cooking them a super awesome dinner and inviting my sister over so we could have a family meal. But, if you have any other suggestions, I more than welcome them! 

I actually have some scheduled posts this week on stuff other than linkups and me blabbing on (stunning I know)! So be sure to come back and check it out. Until then I leave you with this super cute picture of Cooper sleeping while I was working on Saturday. 


  1. I think cooking them an amazing dinner is a great idea, when I don't know what to get someone I always go with dinner (although not usually made by me).

  2. aw that's so nice your parents came to help you out. mine do the same too since i'm so bad at yard work. i'm sure they would love a home cooked family dinner!

  3. I know yards are a lot of work but I'm totally jealous that you have flower beds and grass! I live in an apartment building- grass is always greener, I suppose!

  4. Aw, Coop.

    Your parents ROCK. I like the family dinner idea.

  5. aww, man! I'm sorry work pulled you away from them, but at least you spent as much time with them as you could, right? It's so nice of them to help you out.