Sep 24, 2013

Fall is Here

I can't believe how gorgeous it is outside today, and I feel yucky!

I'm wondering if most of it has to do with the fact that I slept with my bedroom window open for the past 2 nights, letting the amazing cool air flow in. . . right into my sinuses. Probably didn't help that I did yard work yesterday for a few hours too. Although the allergist says I don't have "fall allergies" I'm def feeling something!!

Anyway - I put up my fall decor over the weekend. Didn't do much outside yet, but got the inside looking very fall-like. Now all I can think about is watching Halloween movies and making chili! Anyone remember Hocus Pocus? It's one of my all time favorite Halloween movies! The possibility of me watching this in the next week is VERY high.

A few pictures of my fall decor:

My mantle. As I was looking through pictures on my phone I realized I had last year's picture of my mantle, and stunningly they are almost identical. What can I say - I know what I like!

Owl bag that I always use to pass out candy to the kids. And my front door - def something lacking there. I've got to find something better, but at least I have something up for now.

And that's all I have for today - like I said, allergies are kicking my butt today. Are you ready for fall? What is your favorite part of fall??

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