Jul 9, 2014

Confession is Good for the Soul

It's been awhile since I've linked up with Kathy and I def have some confessions this week. 

I confess . . . 

. . . I went to a concert last night for the first time in several years and am hating myself today because of it. Not because I drank too much, but because I stayed up too late. I just can't handle 4 hours of sleep anymore :( 

Gorgeous view of some of downtown Columbus. The weather was perfect last night.

. . . I did buy a beer at the concert and it was $9 for 32oz!! By the time I was half way through it, the beer was warm. I will remember to drink prior to a concert next time.

. . . While I spent all day Friday getting my house back in order, it only took me 10 mins to turn it back into a disaster last night. Why can't dishes magically do themselves, and clean folded laundry just appear in my drawers?
(I was going to post a picture of my kitchen table here, but I was too embarrassed)

. . . I recently decided to start watching Grey's Anatomy from the start on Netflix, and I'm suddenly binge watching. It's amazing how much you forget, and since I already know the characters intimately it is like watching from a whole other perspective.

. . . I have another packed weekend, and I'm kind of sad. I really enjoyed last weekend, the extra day was awesome, and the no responsibilities was perfect. I'm going to have to manage my time well so the house doesn't get out of control. Once my house is out of control I can't handle it. Everything spirals downward from there. 

What are you confessing to today??


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  2. No joke- my inability to function on little sleep is seriously affecting my life. I try far too often. Getting older stinks. :)

    I'm the same way with my house! Stresses. Me . Out. Hope you can keep it under control AND enjoy your weekend!

  3. i'm doing the same thing with entourage. i started because i was bored (i've seen it already) and now i can't stop watching it...i forgot how awesome that show is :)

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. My kitchen always, always looks like a bomb exploded about 2 hours after I clean it. I had a busy weekend last weekend but I'm looking forward to a little R and R this weekend!

  5. I can't deal with no sleep anymore. I hate doing things on school nights - and that includes Friday nights because I got up early!