Dec 23, 2013

I'm Back!! (for good)

Hey to any followers I may have left . . . . 

November and December were super travel months for me. I don't travel well - in fact I would rather not travel at all (especially for work). Luckily, I survived, and have a two week reprieve while the holidays are around. All I'm hoping is that my house isn't full of 204921 germs from across the country and that I can stay healthy enough to enjoy the holidays (I'm always a wreck during flu season, worrying myself sick that I'm going to catch the bug).

So, while I'm back to normal (kind of) for the next two weeks, I will be filling you all in on the world that is Stephanie. As I type right now, I should be loading the car, and heading off to my parents for Christmas. But, I hate packing, and I'm really sick of traveling, so I'm welcoming this delay :]

I got back to my house Thursday evening, and I've spent the past 3 days doing my holiday baking, and wrapping presents. This really isn't anything compared to what awaits me at my parents house - I do all of the wrapping for them too (I actually enjoy it), and cook Christmas dinner. But mostly I'm excited to see all of my family - especially my mom. 

I leave you with a few pictures of the past 3 days at home. And expect to hear more from me, because I really am back to blogging! Merry early Christmas everyone!!

Cooper trying to get to presents. Table was promptly moved further from the couch after this.

Cooper's favorite part of Christmas - empty wrapping paper rolls.

My kitchen while on the baking marathon. I LOVE my house, but some additional counter space in the kitchen would be nice.

Merry early Christmas everyone!!

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